VIVOTEK Ranked Top 20 in Security 50 for the 10th Consecutive Year

    This year (2022), VIVOTEK advanced one position to secure 17th place. It is also the only Taiwanese enterprise listed.

    Nov 2022

    VIVOTEK Recognized as Top40 Taiwan Global Brand for the 3rd Year in a Row

    VIVOTEK has been recognized as top40 Taiwan global brand for the third consecutive year for its immense brand influence and outstanding performance.

    Nov 2022

    VIVOTEK Wins the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award

    VIVOTEK has once again won the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award for two intelligent IP surveillance products: IE9111-O AI-BOX and IP9165-LPR-v2 Kit Smart City License Plate Recognition Camera.

    Nov 2022

    VIVOTEK promoted to level two in the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation

    VIVOTEK’s success in improving and promoting effective measures is evidenced by its promotion to level two in the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation, recently published by the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

    Jun 2022

    VIVOTEK Recognized as Rising Taiwan Global Brand


    Dec 2021

    VIVOTEK Ranked Top 20 in Security 50 for the 9th Consecutive Year

    VIVOTEK has been named among the top 20

    Dec 2021

    VIVOTEK Steals the Show at the 1st Golden Security Awards

    VIVOTEK receives the most IoT cybersecurity

    Dec 2021

    VIVOTEK Passes MoL's Management Evaluation- TTQS


    Nov 2021

    Honorable Mention in the Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020

    VIVOTEK is honorably mentioned as one of top 35 brands in the prestigious Best Taiwan Global Brands survey

    Nov 2020

    Russian TB Forum 2019

    IP9172-LPC Kit was nominated for Smart and Safe City sector

    Mar 2019

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2019

    FD9365-EHTV, IB9365-EHT, FE9391-EV, MS9390-HV, CC8371-HV, IP9191-HP

    Jan 2019

    DETEKTOR International Awards 2018

    The Innovative Achievement Award of IoT Security

    Nov 2018

    In Honor of Camera Donation

    Donate 300 Cameras for National Taiwan University
    Hospital Yunlin Branch

    Oct 2018

    USA Security Today magazine: Product
    of the Year award

    MS9390-HV & FE9391-EV

    Aug 2018

    Genetec Platinum Technology Partner

    VIVOTEK received Platinum Partner recognition by

    Apr 2018

    Taiwan Lantern Festival 2018

    MS8392-EV, MS9390-HV

    Mar 2018

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2018

    MS8392-EV,SD9366-EH,IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit,
    CD8371-HNTV,VAST 2

    Jan 2018

    MOST- Industry-Academy Cooperation
    Plan Award

    VIVOTEK Inc.

    Dec 2017

    Award for International Trade
    Outstanding Export/ Import Business

    In special recognition of its outstanding business
    record in 2016, ranking it among the top 500
    companies in terms of export/import performance,
    and to offer encouragement.

    Oct 2017

    Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award

    VIVOTEK Inc.

    Aug 2017

    USA Security Today magazine: Product
    of the Year award


    Aug 2017

    Secutech Excellence Award 2017


    Apr 2017

    Taiwan Excellence Award Silver
    Standard 2017


    Feb 2017

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2017

    MS8391-EV, MD8563-EH, APC camera, IZ9361-EH,

    Feb 2017

    ICT Month Innovative Elite Award 2016


    Oct 2016

    Security & Fire Excellence award 2016


    Oct 2016

    Germany GIT Security Award 2017


    May 2016

    UK Benchmark Innovation Awards


    Mar 2016

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2016

    CC8370-HV, FD816C-HF2, FD9381-HTV, IB9381-HT,

    Jan 2016

    Golden Excellence Award in CPSE 2015


    Oct 2015

    VIVOTEK Wins Secutech Excellence
    Award 2015


    Apr 2015

    Best Supplier Delivery award


    Feb 2015

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2015

    FE8181V, FD8168, IB8168, VC8201

    Jan 2015

    ISC Brazil: Best Mobile IP Camera
    Award 2014


    Apr 2014

    Secutech Taipei: IP Cameras Excellent
    Award 2014


    Mar 2014

    MIPS: The Best Innovation Product
    Contest 2013

    Panoramic PTZ

    May 2013

    Secutech Taipei: IP Camera Excellence
    Award 2013


    Apr 2013

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2013


    Jan 2013

    GIT Security Award 2013

    Panoramic PTZ

    Dec 2012

    Leading Security Show 2012

    VIVOTEK Nabs

    Apr 2012

    Winner of Outstanding I.T. Elite 2011

    Steve Ma, VIVOTEK Inc.

    Nov 2011

    Outstanding I.T. Applications /
    Products Award 2011


    Oct 2011

    Leading Security Show 2011

    VIVOTEK Nabs

    Apr 2011

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2011

    IP8151, FD8134

    Jan 2011

    One of Year's Best IT Products 2010


    Dec 2010

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2010

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Jan 2010

    CPS Top 10 Innovative Security
    Product Award 2009

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Feb 2009

    ITMonth 2008's Outstanding I.T.
    Products Award

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Dec 2008

    VIVOTEK Ranked 41 in Security 50

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Nov 2008

    GIT Security Award 2009's CCTV Award

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Oct 2008

    SecuTech Award 2008

    PZ7151/7152 received the SecuTech Award 2008

    Apr 2008

    Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2007

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Feb 2008

    The 14th Taiwan "SMEs Innovation

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Nov 2007

    The 16th Taiwan SMEA "National
    Outstanding SMEs Award"

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Oct 2007

    The 15th Taiwan MOEA "Industrial
    Technology Advancement Award"

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Sep 2007

    The 10th Taiwan SMEA "Rising Star

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Aug 2007

    VIVOTEK Receives the honor of
    Security 50

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Jul 2007

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2007

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Jun 2007

    SecuTech Award 2007

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Apr 2007

    Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific
    2006, Awarded by Deloitte

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Mar 2007

    Outstanding IT Applications/ Products
    Awards of ITMonth 2006

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Nov 2006

    Technology Fast 50 Taiwan 2006

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Oct 2006

    VIVOTEK is Ranked No. 41 in Security
    50 by A & S

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Sep 2006

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2006

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Aug 2006

    Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2005

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Mar 2006

    Best of Taiwan's Best Award Winner

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Feb 2006

    Technology Fast 50 Taiwan 2005 Award

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Oct 2005

    Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Jun 2005

    Best of Taiwan's Best Award Winner

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Mar 2005

    Taiwan Excellence Award 2005

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Jan 2005

    SecuTech Award 2004

    FD7130 / FD7160

    May 2004

    PCweekly Recommend

    FD7130 / FD7160

    Feb 2003

    Personal Computer Magazine

    FD7130 / FD7160

    May 2002