NDAA Compliance

NDAA Compliance

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

To mitigate a perceived cybersecurity risk, an Interim Final Rule of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year 2019 was enacted on August 13, 2019 in the United States that outlines the budget, expenditures, and policies of the U.S. Department of Defense. Within this act, Section 889 specifically addresses the procurement of video and telecommunication equipment by the U.S. government.

Under Section 889 of the NDAA 2019, certain companies and their subsidiaries are prohibited from supplying video and telecommunication equipment to the U.S. government. Furthermore, this prohibition extends to manufacturers that offer video surveillance cameras and systems under a different manufacturer's brand name. This practice is commonly observed in relationships such as OEM (original equipment manufacturer), ODM (original design manufacturer), and JDM (joint design manufacturer).

In essence, the provisions of Section 889 within the NDAA restrict certain vendors' telecommunications and video surveillance equipment. This measure aims to address potential cybersecurity risks associated with these specific vendors and their products.

The following VIVOTEK cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) are fully compliant with the NDAA as they do not incorporate or utilize critical components, including systems-on-chip (SoCs) manufactured by vendors banned under the NDAA. These compliant products are eligible to be included in VIVOTEK's GSA contracts and are highly recommended for US Government applications subject to the NDAA.

NDAA Compliance Product List

Product Category Models
Box Cameras IP9164-HT, IP9164-LPC, IP9165-HT-v2, IP9165-LPC-v2, IP9165-LPR-v2 Kit (Street), IP9181-HT-v2*, IP9181-LPC-v2*, IP9181-LPC-v2 (Kit)*, IP9191-HT-v2*, IP9191-LPC-v2*
Bullet Cameras IB9365-EHT-A, IB9365-HT-A, IB9365-EHT-v2, IB9367-EHT-v2, IB9368-HT, IB9369, IB9380-H, IB9387-EHT-A, IB9387-HT-A, IB9388-HT, IB9389-EH-v2, IB9389-EHT-v2, IB9391-EHT-v2, IB9387-LPR-v2*

(EOL models: IB8377-EHT, IB8377-HT, IB9360-H)
Fixed Dome Cameras FD9165-HT-A, FD9166-HN, FD9167-HT-v2, FD9182-H, FD9187-HT-A, FD9365-EHTV-A, FD9365-HTV-A, FD9365-EHTV-v2, FD9366-HV, FD9367-EHTV-v2, FD9368-HTV, FD9369, FD9380-H, FD9387-EHTV-A, FD9387-HTV-A, FD9388-HTV, FD9189-H-v2, FD9189-HT-v2, FD9389-EHV-v2, FD9389-EHTV-v2, FD9391-EHTV-v2

IT9360-H, IT9380-H, IT9388-HT, IT9389-H-v2

FD9392-EHTV-O, CD9381-HNTV, CD9381-HNVF2

(EOL models: CD8371-HNTV, CD8371-HNVF2, FD816CA-HF2, FD8177-HT, FD8377-EHTV, FD8377-HTV, FD8166A, FD8166A-N, FD8366-V, FD9360-H)
180° Cameras CC9380-HV, CC9381-HV, CC9160-H, CC9160-H(HS), MS9390-HV-v2*

(EOL models: CC8160, CC8370-HV)
360° Cameras FE9180-H-v2*, FE9192-H, FE9380-HV, FE9382-EHV-v2, FE9191-H-v2*, FE9391-EHV-v2

(EOL model: FE8182)
Multi-Sensor Cameras MA9322-EHTVL
Mobile Dome Cameras MD8564-EH, MD9560-H, MD9560-DH, MD9582-H, MD9584-H

(EOL Model MD8565-N, MD8531H, MD8563-DEH, MD8563-EH)
Speed Dome Cameras SD9161-H-v2, SD9368-EHL, SD9384-EHL
AI Counting Cameras SC8131, SC8132, SC8133, SC9133, SC9133-RTL
Split-type Camera System VC9101

(EOL model: VC8101)
Video Server VS8100-v2
Facial Recognition Solutions FT9361-R
AI Box IE9111-O, IE9111-O (M12)
NVRs ND9213P, ND9323P, ND9425P, ND9442P, ND9542P

NR9581-v2, NR9681-v2, NR9682-v2, NR9782-v2,


(EOL models: NR9581, NR9681, NR9682, NR9782)
PoE Network Products
Managed PoE Switch AW-GEV-107A-130, AW-GEV-267A-370, AW-GEV-104B-130,

AW-GEV-184B-250, AW-GEV-264B-370, AW-GTS-287A
PoE Injector AP-GIC-011A-060, AP-GIC-011A-095, AP-GIC-015B-095
PoE Extender AP-FXC-0110, AP-FXC-0210, AP-FXC-0160, AP-FXC-0260, AP-GXC-0150, AP-GXC-0250
Outdoor PoE Switch AW-GET-083A-120, AW-GEH-043A-120
Unmanaged PoE Switch AW-FET-060C-065, AW-FGT-100D-120, AW-FGT-180D-250, AW-FGT-260D-380, AW-GET-050A-065, AW-GET-100A-120
Industrial Products AW-IHB-0100, AW-IHB-0400, AW-IHB-0800, AW-IHT-1271, AW-IHT-0100, AW-IHH-0110, AW-IHT-0200, AW-IHH-0410, AW-IHT-0800, AW-IHH-0800, AW-IHT-0602, AW-IHT-0601, AW-IHS-0202
EPoC AP-FEX-010x/-0150x/0200/0250 series, AW-FCT-050A-065
PoE Extender AP-FHP-010x series