Discover the latest Core+ AI Series NVRs, taking surveillance to the next level. Empowered with five key values: easy setup with embedded PoE management, dewarp mode in local and web clients, secure connection & reliable compliance, and centralized operation with multiple NVRs. Create efficient and comprehensive surveillance systems and upgrade your security capabilities.

Efficient and Accurate AI Analytics

Easy Setup with Embedded PoE

Dewarp Mode in Local and Web Client

Secure Connection & Reliable Compliance

Centralized Operation with Multiple NVRs

Accurate Alarm Notification with Smart VCA

Experience accurate and timely alarm notifications that offer reliable and immediate alerts through our Smart VCA analytics, reducing false alarms and enhancing management efficiency.

AI-Powered Video Analytics - Smart VCA

Simplify Judgment with Deep Search

Effortlessly find evidence without the need to access numerous video footages using Deep Search, which enables efficient searching for video clips based on various attributes. View snapshots of people and their paths, eliminating the need for video replays.

Easy Setup with Embedded PoE

No additional network switch is needed for power-over-ethernet, simplifying the system deployment with PoE management. Monitor individual port status and total power usage through an intuitive user interface, improving operation, preventing overloads, and identifying issues quickly. Prevent recording interruptions with PoE error alarms, receiving timely notifications to ensure uninterrupted camera recording.

Dewarp Mode in Local and Web Client

Core+ AI NVR supports spotless fisheye camera dewarp, offering multiple display modes for monitoring live view and playback, achieving comprehensive surveillance coverage. Users can quickly grasp the building status at a glance, utilizing the advantages of fisheye models for flexible viewing. Dewarp view is available on the web portal when multiple NVRs are used, enabling quick switching to a specific focus area without losing any details during remote monitoring.

Secure Connection & Reliable Compliance

No More Plug-in, Chrome Browser Supported

Centralized Operation with Multiple NVRs

For efficient management, users can remotely access VIVOCloud, which provides 24/7 intelligent monitoring through the mobile app or web portal. This cross-platform service enables easy access and smooth connection with Core+ AI NVRs. For more comprehensive management requirements, simplify operations with our video management software - VAST Security Station. It offers centralized operation and seamless notifications with multiple Core+ AI NVRs, unlocking diverse features like E-map, alarm management, and user management.

Enjoy Comprehensive Management - VAST Security Station

Core+ AI Series NVR


8-Channel, 2-Bay, PoE


16-Channel, 2-Bay, PoE


16-Channel, 4-Bay, PoE


32-Channel, 4-Bay, PoE